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    Can I buy Motorola Moto G from Amazon?

    Are you looking for online shops other than Flipkart to buy Moto G? Find out the options to buy this budget smartphone.

    Can I buy Motorola Moto G from Amazon India? I am seeing a lot of Ads in Google from Amazon but when I click on Ads, all they show are some cases and screen protectors for Moto G. If Amazon doesn't sell Moto G, why are they advertising in Google for the same? Isn't it cheating?

    Can I buy it from any other shops? As of now, I can find it only in Flipkart but I am not comfortable buying this from them. Some people are selling it in eBay but I don't trust the sellers in eBay India.

    Any other online shops I can buy Moto G phone?

    Buy Motorola Moto G from Amazon India
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  • Official seller for Motorola Moto G is Flipkart. However you can get this mobile on eBay or retail stores like Univercel. If you proceed to buy this mobile from retail stores, it will cost your Rs.1000 more. It is best to buy Moto G from Flipkart. Many of my friends bought it from Flipkart and is working fine. Flipkart also provides you replacement guarantee so that you no need to worry about defected piece.

    Moto G in Amazon:

    Moto G is not available in Amazon. Amazon's intention is to get visitors to their website from Google ads. So that people can come to know there is Amazon online website from which one can make purchase. It is a strategy to popularizing their website.

  • Up to this time the one and only official seller of Motorola Moto G and Moto X is Flipkart. They don't have any other contracts with any e-commerce websites in India. Some times you may find these devices in other online stores as well as offline shops. But it may cost you more money. So purchasing from Flip kart is your best choice. Then why Amazon promotes these kind of ads? This is a simple trick from the company to attract more visitors to their shops. When visitors arrives to that page they will show some other smartphones which is similar to Moto G. They can also invite visitors to their Moto G accessories shops via this link.

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  • As far as my knowledge goes, currently, all Motorola smartphones (including Moto G) are available only on is the exclusive seller of Motorola in India. Even though it might be available at some other ecommerce sites and offline stores, I would suggest you to buy it only from Flipkart.

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