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    Which type of AdSense Link units/Content Ads perform best for inside post placement?

    Do you want to know the best ad placement for AdSense? Like to know which ad sizes perform best inside body of the blog posts?

    I am having blogger blogs and using Google AdSense for placing ads on the pages of my blogs. I want to know which type of link units or ad sizes perform best when we place them inside any post? Is there any specific size recommended by Google AdSense? Please let me know.
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  • I can suggest you to use Google Ads 728x90 leader board with plain textual ads under the first paragraph of the article without messing up the Adsense policy. The second one you can place at right side of the middle page with 300x600 which is commonly using by the online visitor to use mouse and arrow etc.

    The third ad can place at the bottom after some gap between each Google ads, you can use any general ad size over here matching your blog. However, you have to follow the guideline of the Adsense policy for all ads placing without creating any misunderstanding between page contents and page adv for the visitors and appearance.

    You can use "Link unit" ads with some gap to each other ads, this ad too help bloggers for reasonable revenue in addition to 3 textual or contextual ads on the webpage.


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