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    Which is the best bank to receive AdSense wire transfer?

    Want to know which bank is best for receiving wire transfer from Google AdSense? Learn bank you need to choose to get the best value from the AdSense wire transfer.

    Google is going to make payments to Indian AdSense publishers through wire transfer. After this month's trial, it will become mandatory for everyone to receive payment through wire transfer (EFT). I have accounts in couple of banks including State Bank of India, Canara Bank and HDFC Bank. Which is the best bank to receive wire transfer? Which banks charge the lowest transfer charges and which is the fastest to get the payment?
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  • Wire transfer will work with any Indian banks that are part of SWIFT network. All banks are expected to be part of this network directly or indirectly.

    Most new generation banks use a single SWIFT code nationwide. You can use this SWIFT code for any branches of that bank. They can find your branch and account from the account number itself.

    Some other banks have separate SWIFT code for each branch. That is the case with most nationalized banks like SBI. If you ask for the SWIFT code, they will either give their branch specific SWIFT code or a SWIFT code for their foreign transaction center or the common 8-digit SWIFT code for their bank. Any of these SWIFT codes will work fine.

    Typically, it wouldn't make much difference no matter what bank you choose. I am of the opinion that the new generation private banks will give you lower rates and charge higher fees but offer faster service.

    Nationalized banks are usually a bit slower but takes the least charges from you. So, if you are really money conscious, they you may want to go for nationalized banks. However, the difference in the fees will be very low. Moreover, Google is going to bear the wire transfer fees, so the fees you are going to be pay is just the service charges.

    I have written this opinion based on my experience in transferring other funds from USA to India through wire transfer. I am yet to see how the wire transfer from Google and the fees is going to be.

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  • As per Google Adsense support Forum thread and various Adsense Publishers' comment for what they have received Adsense payment within 24 hrs into their Bank account in trial period. The best Bank for Wire Transfer or EFT is SBI, this the Bank name given by many Adsense publishers - for some, it has credited within 13hrs of transaction taken place.

    Also, SBI have charged less than Rs 100 for this process.

    For more detail on this, you can refer Adsense Publishers' comments at!category-topic/adsense/payments/Z_rGJ_uYud0


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