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    How to disable wire transfer and go back to cheque payment in AdSense

    Do you want to cancel wire transfer option for your Indian AdSense account and revert to cheque payment? Are you worried about delay in payment for your AdSense payments? Follow this thread to learn how to deal with the issue.

    I recently selected wire transfer (EFT) for my AdSense payments. Now Google has enabled wire transfer option for me. I actually selected this option since everyone said it is a great thing from Google and I too wanted to be part of it. However, I am finding a lot of problems. My bank says they don't have a SWIFT code. I am not able to select the proper wire transfer settings in AdSense account.

    I am kind of stuck with this. How can I go back to cheque payment? How can I cancel my wire transfer selection? How can I contact Google to get this canceled?
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  • This is the price you have to pay for being part of a trial program. Google announced the EFT option without really doing a lot of testing. Their implementation is not really complete. In my opinion, Google should have developed features to cancel the wire tranfer option any time and revert to cheque payment. Ideally, publishers should have been able to switch between EFT and cheque anytime they want.

    As of now, there is no way you can cancel your wire transfer selection without getting manual help from Google. If you have an account manager, contact the account manager directly and explain the situation. If you have AdSense chat support, utilize that option.

    If you don't have any way to get direct support, then the only option available is to post your request to cancel wire transfer option in the Google product forums. There is no guarantee that you will get any help there, but you should give a try.

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  • Since you are unaware about your Bank's SWIFT code and you have not entered SWIFT code in Adsense EFT setting online form, you can therefore go to Adsense account and use Account setting option for 'Edit self hold' to normal or 'release it'. It will come back to normal 'cheque / check' system.

    For your information, some Bank have a single SWIFT code for all their branches across India, thus you have nothing to worry on this. Only IFSC code vary Bank to Bank, however Google will help for your communication at!category-topic/adsense/payments/Z_rGJ_uYud0

    SWIFT code example is just like ISD code
    IFSC code example is just like STD code

    Go through that link and make sure that you clarify your doubt if any before proceeding for EFT in Adsense a/c.


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