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  • Windows 7 OR Windows 8: Which is Better?

    Do you want to know Windows 7 or Windows 8, which is better? Read the opinions from our tech experts and geeks.

    Which is the best operating System by Microsoft: Windows 7 or Windows 8. Even Windows 8 is upgraded version of Windows 7 I feel it wasn't userfriendly. I still using Windows 7 and I am satisfied with it more than Windows 8. So, what are the advantages on having Windows 8. What is your opinion about Windows 8? Did you like it? Which one will you choose Windows 7 or Windows 8? Even though, the Microsoft, advertised commercials on TVs and etc about Windows 8, I never get a upgraded feel about Windows 8. Please post you experience with these two Operating Systems.
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  • For touch screen windows 8 is better for Desktops and laptops who did not have touch screen Windows 7 is nice. I too agree with you Windows 8 is more user friendly than windows 7. If user want high end graphic user interface can go for windows 8.

    My opinion is windows 8 meant for mobiles only it will not suitable to use in our regular PCs. More over windows 8 requires at least 1300*200 screen resolution for perfect working where as other versions of windows will work irrespective of screen resolution. Like this So many draw backs are there in Windows 8. Lets see the coming versions of windows 8 will have the solutions for all the problems.

    Recently a new CEO has appointed for Microsoft, He is an Indian lets see what changes he is going to bring.


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  • Hi Revanth,

    I agree with you that Windows 8 have More Grphic User Interface (GUI) than Windows 7. I didn't say, Windows 8 is userfriendly, I said Windows 7 is more userfriendly than Windows 8. Due to the non availability of Start menu, the new users will not like Windows 8.

    That's true that, Windows 8 can only used in Smartphone Like Nokia Lumia, but when it comes to personal computer it is bettwr to choose Windows 7. Also the Applications/softwares which works well in Windows 7, are not supporting in Windows 8.
    Hope Microsoft will announce a better Windows version.

    Thanks & Regards,
    All I Can Do Is Be Me!

  • If you are used with Windows 7, you won't like Windows 8. It is because your mind is not accepting new look. If you work with Windows 8 for a week you will stick to it. I don't say that Windows 7 is bad but if you explore the new feature in Windows 8 you will get stick to it. In Windows 8, you can switch between apps using the touch pad. At past for each software we access our storage and so Windows 7 provides easy access to your hard disk. But when it comes to Windows 8 you will get all the software shortcut in the form of tiles (Windows home screen). We are now mostly dependent on online content like Facebook, Netflix, Maps etc and Windows 8 provides you to connect easily using those apps instead of typing its web address and login to it.

    Windows 8 is purely based on online. It makes easier access to online contents. Above all it has beautiful user interface which you will stick to it after usage for a week.

  • I have also used Windows 8, for some time, but I am not satisfied with it and want to switch to Windows 7.
    I agree with you, that Windows 8 is more engaged with "Online contents". Please think about the one who has slow internet connection with Windows 8 PC.
    And the old softwares and games are not working even we do "troubleshoot compatibility" option.

    Thanks & Regards,
    All I Can Do Is Be Me!

  • Despite being the latest OS from Microsoft, Windows 8 is definitely not a big hit with users. There are enough reasons behind this. The user interface is difficult to understand for several PC users and not many people are averse to learn handling a new OS that is just an upgraded version. Yes, Windows 8 does offer great graphical interface and easy accessibility between online apps, but, it is not a strong enough reason for one to keep using it. Windows 8 is suitable only for smartphones and even there I find people being dissatisfied with the interface as compared to the interface offered by Android and iOS. The lack of a basic "Start" menu is the major disadvantage of Windows 8. For the sake of innovation, Microsoft have left behind some extremely good features of previous Windows versions.

    Comparatively, Windows 7 is more user-friendly and regular PC users can use it more conveniently. A higher version OS is expected to be better from all angles, but, that is not the case with Windows 8. Hopefully, Microsoft will soon come up with a much better and highly refined Windows version (as compared to 8 and 8.1).

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

  • Windows 8 is the successor of Windows 7 but if real say then many of their features are quite similar. Only user interface is different which is quite difficult to understand for those who are using XP OS. If you are using Windows 7 then Windows 8 is not a big thing. It just has a changed user interface which we popularly called as 'Metro Style UI' in Windows 8. Moreover, Windows 8 looks heavy and complicated. In my opinion, Windows 7 is better than ever as it is simple, light and easy to understand. Many expectations are also from upcoming Windows 9 in next year. May it prove better than Windows 7 and 8.

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