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    Are WordPress and Joomla good enough for designing an e-commerce portal?

    Are you interested in starting your own eCommerce website? Find out how much it will cost to start your own eCommerce business.

    I have been wanting to know what is the most cost effective way to design an e-commerce website. I surfed on internet and found out that WordPress and Joomla are two tools that can be used to design an e-commerce website for free. Getting one done from a web designer is expensive and there are many people who have created their own decent looking websites using these tools, for free.

    I have two queries. First, is it true that WordPress is not safe and gets easily hacked? Second, are the customization options very limited if one uses WordPress or Joomla? Will it pose serious hindrance in daily operations?

    Has anyone of you used these tools yourself? Please suggest.
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  • In partnership with couple of my friends, I am also in the process of creating an ecommerce website using Wordpress. We have realized that it is a very cost-effective way of getting an online e-commerce portal created. Instead of using Wordpress services for free, we plan to use some paid e-commerce themes and have kept a budget of around Rs.5,000 for this website. As per our research, a new Wordpress e-commerce portal would not face any problems for the initial 1-2 years. Once your business takes off, you can always try and migrate to a more comprehensive platform. Initially, your business plan should be to focus more on the products sold on your e-commerce website and keep costs to a minimum.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

  • Bhakti, good e-commerce themes are available for free. Are you keeping a budget of Rs.5000 only for purchasing the theme?
    Do you know any such e-commerce portal which looks the way you told me? I would like to see the final look. If you know such e-commerce portal, do tell me.

  • absolutely they are.... just go for it!

  • How many items are going to be in the portal? If the items go above 500 then I suggest going with portals like Magento or Opencart or Prestashop. Why? Because your tracking for the sales of items that high number will be much better handled that way. WordPress is good and so is joomla but they are good enough for the portals with small inventory. If your inventory is high then so will your burden on server along with wordpress be. So I suggest for higher items in number go with the opencart or prestashop or magento.

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