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    What is i-vtec engine technology used by Honda?

    Are you wondering what is the i-vtec engines used by Honda in their cars? Follow this thread to learn more about I-VTEC ued by Honda.

    It has been some time ago we have started hearing i-vtec engine technology in Honda cars. What do you meant by this? It's been told that the mileage and performance have been increased by the use of i-vtec engines. Can anyone tell me how it works and the difference between i-vtec engine and normal engine?
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  • Honda car manufacturer introduced i-VTEC technology, it stands as "Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control variable". This innovation helps for low fuel consumption in a single engine with higher performance for the vehicle speed.

    The i-VTEC engine runs as valve opening to match engine speed, the more speed the equal valve functions. It means flexible its function upon slow or speed movement of the vehicle for both low fuel consumption and superior power.


  • Honda company is using i-vtec technology . The term i-vtec means Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control. The system is all to do with the valve opening and closing.

    When your engine speed is low valve will open less and when you engine speed is high valve will open more and hence more it's a fuel efficient engine.

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