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    Can I link a brand new blog to my existing Google AdSense account?

    Want to use your AdSense for a new blog? Confused if you can place Ads in a new blog using your AdSense account? Read on to know if you can use AdSense Ads in a new blog without waiting for 6 months period.

    I have started working on a new blog and hope to launch it soon. I already have an approved Google Adsense account and wanted to know if I can associate my new blog directly with this AdSense account, even if the new blog contains only 10-12 blog posts. Or do I need to fulfill any other AdSense criteria before I can associate my new blog with the already existing Google AdSense account?
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  • No, now you don't need to fulfill any demand. You can just open your blogger tab and click on earn tab and Link your account there.

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  • It is very difficult to get Google Adsense request approved from Google for a newly started blog. It will take more than 6 months to get Adsense approval if you have good traffic to your blog.

    There is no problem , if you already have an approved Adsense account. You can simply link your blog to your account by following the simple steps below.

    1. Log in to your blog
    2. Click on Design
    3. click on Earnings - Adsense
    4. Log in to your Adsense account. You're done.

    Your blog is now linked with the Adsense account. Post good contents and earn well.
    Remember not to click your own ads or don't promote others to click your ads. If such a practice is detected by Google, your Adsense account will be deleted and it's very difficult to get a new one even if you are applying with a new email address.

  • You can insert fully approved Google Adsense in your new blog without fulfilling any demands. Normally the demands needed for the approval of Google adsense is the age of your blog, webmaster policies, genuine content etc. When you already got an adsense account you don't have to be wait for 6 months, but you have to be very careful with your content because Google may suspend your adsense in case of any copyright violation.

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  • Whether you can use AdSense on blogs before reaching 6 months period or not, is a common confusion among bloggers.

    However, there is no hard and fast rule on this either, in my opinion. Google has mentioned AdSense can be used only on established sites, which are live for atleast 6 months. Anyhow, it is better to wait 3 to 6 months to associate existing Adsense account and this time period can be used to effectively fill with unique and quality content in that blog to grab the attention of online visitors and search engines.

    You can get more clarification on this subject from the following guideline on Blog or Website needs to wait 6 months old before associating it in order to adhere to Adsense policies and avoid any penalities.


  • Due to very large applications from the countries like India and China, Google has restricted the members/bloggers from these countries with some minimum requirements.

    1. Your blog should be atleast 6 months old.
    2. Your blog must contain good quality content.
    3. Your should not contain any copied contents and etc.

    So, it is good to submit your blog for Adsense approval after 6 months of its good run, even if you had a Adsense account.
    Hope this solved your query. Please reply if you have any doubts.

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