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    How to find device ID of Android phone?

    Wondering about where to find the device Id of your android smartphone? Read this thread for complete information.

    Recently, I was downloading an app on my new Samsung Android phone. It asked for device ID and I could not find it on the bill or on the mobile. How can I know the device ID of my Android phone ? Do I have to call the dealer from whom I purchased the mobile for this information ?
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  • To find Samsung smartphone ID on Android phone, follow the steps given herewith.

    Click on "Setting" in your smartphone
    Click on "About Phone"
    Click on "Status" to find it
    If it is not suitable, get 'Model No' and see 'Baseband version'. Try one of them to get its ID.


  • It is very simple to find the ID of your Smartphone or Android device. Please follow the instruction and then you can find ID of your Android device.

    First of all go to the setting of your smart device and then find the option "about Phone", click on the option and check the status. In status you can find the phone ID easily.

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  • You can find the device ID of Android smartphone by using either of the following ways:

    • Going to a local mobile store (or Vodafone gallery or Airtel gallery) and asking help to find your device ID.

    • Going to the section "Status" in your Android phone, under "About Phone" in the "Settings" zone.

    • Make use of Android app called "Android Device ID" available in Google Play store to find the exact Device ID for your Android device.

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  • There are mainly two and best ways to find device id's which are as follows :-
    1. Android Device ID
    2. Secret Codes

    You can download Android Device ID from Play Store and get the device id.

    Enter *#*#8255#*#* in your phone's dialer and it will show you the device id.

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