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    Is it possible to create our own cashback website without knowing any script or coding?

    Planning to start your own cashback site? Follow this thread to know whether its possible to start a cashback site without any script or coding.

    I have been planning to create my own cashback website for the past few weeks. I want to launch a cashback site offering great cashback offers to Indian customers who shop from online merchants. But, I do not have any expertise in PHP or related scripts to develop my own website. How can I develop my own cashback website with some external help?
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  • Yes, it is possible to run a cashback website without coding skills. First choice you have is buying script from sites like CashBackEngine. It costs you $199 plus some additional setup costs. All you have to do is buy a domain and a hosting plan in which the server should have the following three requirements installed.

    1. Linux, Unix-Server
    2. PHP: version 5.x or newer
    3. MySQL database

    If you want everything to be set up, it costs you around $500 - $600 minimum. Yes, you cannot go for a shared hosting plan when you are dealing with credentials like credit card details and personal info of your customers.

    At least, you are supposed to buy a virtual private server that costs you around $15 per month (Dreamhost). If you can afford even more and want to customize your site, its better to hire a web designer by spending a few bucks.

  • Hi,
    As above Ravi kandala's comment, to buy a cashback website you can choose cashbackscript-craft website with the below requirements.
    PHP Version-5.2.7+preferrably(5.5)
    Linux Server (some old distributions are not supported)
    Apache Web Server- 1+ (preferably 2+)
    MySQL (version 5 or higher)
    Option to enable demographics and interest reports.
    Cash Craft Script allows visitors to earn cash back rewards and save money on their everyday shopping. That is why cashback websites are a great way to make money. This also allows to premium coupons shopping experience and referral earning system also here.

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