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    Is Pinterest a better social networking site than Facebook for e-commerce website owners?

    Pinterest is one of the leading social networking site in the world. Follow this thread to know if Pinterest a better social networking site than Facebook for e-commerce website owners.

    A social networking site like Facebook is considered to be the best way for any upcoming e-commerce websites to promote their business and products. However, it is believed that photo-sharing social platform Pinterest has started climbing up the popularity ladder and giving stiff competition to Facebook and even Twitter as far as advertising for e-commerce products and websites is concerned. Kindly let me know the features of Pinterest and how Pinterest is useful for website promotion?
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  • Pinterest has helped many businesses and bloggers to draw traffic and generate conversions and thereby leads. Officially, Pinterest has more than 70 million registered users. What's unique and attractive works everywhere. So, Pinterest is being used by bloggers to draw user attention and making conversions to their blogs.

    Another big hit on Pinterest is coupons. These coupons can directly be run on Pinterest from the official websites. These coupons help pinterest users to get hot deals directly and it is also a fact that 70% of Pinterest users make a purchase decision using pins on it.

    So, if a business uses better SEO and hashtags on Pinterest along with attractive pin boards, it can surely make a big success.

  • Pinterest is different from Facebook though both are in race of social networking sites. Both are very helpful for individual blogger and business (e-commerce) organization to promote their products.

    As Facebook grown fast, Pinterest too growing fast in the same phase in terms of social networking platform, new features, getting new members, helpful for many.


  • Pinterest can be a better social networking site than Facebook for e-commerce website owners because it promotes business and products. It helps to draw traffic and generate conversions. It has more than 70 million registered users. It is popular among bloggers.

  • Pinterest is one of the leading social networking sites which holds 3rd position. This site is very useful to generate traffic as well as to boost sales of your ecommerce website. By analysing data of 25,000 Shopify stores experts find that the referral traffic receiving from Pinterest is equal to traffic gained from Twitter. The studies are also pointing that the referrals coming from the Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase compare to the referrals from other social networking sites. They have got 70 million registered users in their database and it's rising day by day. Studies from US states that 81% of US online consumers trust informations from Pinterest and in that 47% have made purchased on recommendations from Pinterest. So it will be a great idea if you link your ecommerce website with Pinterest for better sales.

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  • Pinterest is a visual site. It is one of the best websites to use in 2014 to get LOTS of traffic.

    IS Facebook better or Pinterest?

    I always recommend clients to keep both in their strategy.

    Each social media platform has its own audience and you will miss out a lot by leaving any one site out of your strategy.

    Having a good marketing plan in place will make it very easy to update and maintain both Facebook and Pinterest.

    Pinterst marketing - involves understanding your customer. Remember it is visual, it has to draw attention, it must have a quick call to action.

    Have a good strategy to identify boards, pin relevant images in boards. You would be surprised how quick some of these will rank in search engines, not to forget the people searching within Pinterest itself.

    Facebook Marketing - if done properly will target a different audience, will get you rankings in search engines, will help you have a platform to engage and connect with customers.

    My suggestion again go with Both. Test, test and test!

    A simple tracking will let you know what works best with Facebook and with Pinterest.

    You might be surprised once you track. Don't go by statistics, test it yourself with your products.

    Live life Fully and stay healthy!!

  • Pinterest is better for clicks and sales to every eCommerce store owner, and Facebook is better for interacting with your customers on social media.

    Pinterest now drives more sales than Facebook, and it is significantly more product driven.70% of users on Pinterest say they use the site to get inspiration on what to buy.

    If you're looking to increase your sales with Pinterest, check out this article:

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