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  • Which CMS (content management system) is better and why?

    Want to start a new blog? Which is the best Content Management System Drupal, Joomla or WordPress? Read on to know more about the best content management system.

    I want to start a website regarding technology articles, games, movies, gadgets reviews so tell me which Content Management System (CMS) is better? Is it WordPress, drupal, joomla or any other else? Also tell me the features of those CMS and why is is better?
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  • It depends on the complexity and features of your website. Wordpress and Joomla are popular, but for a simple website, a flat file CMS will be adequate.

  • In my view Drupal is the best CMS, but WordPress is better for those who don't like complexity in design and development. If you are new to coding or have minimum knowledge, I advise you to choose WordPress. If I were to rank them, I give these positions;

    1. Drupal
    2. WordPress
    3. Joomla
    4. Magneto
    5. Blogger

    WordPress is the best option available for Bloggers and you don't have to struggle to design using it. Drupal is little complex and have better scalability when compared to WordPress. Joomla lies between these two and best suits community based blogs.

    From your question I can understand that you are new to blogging and CMSs. So, I can recommend you WordPress and for basic implementation it can cost you anywhere between $60- $120. If your question is 'why WordPress is better,' I've no answer except 'IT'S BETTER.'

    You can have a look at my article Why Drupal?

  • I suggest you to go with WordPress which is better CMS (content management system). Though Drupal and Joomla are preferred by many, its because they are code guys and also they are secure, but still WordPress is on top.


  • For people who are building their websites or blogs for the first time, the best Content Management system (CMS) available is Wordpress.

    Wordpress provides a user-friendly CMS and you can host a great looking website even without proper knowledge of coding and website designing. Also, one can get the website launched at a reasonable rate of around $100. Wordpress tutorials are available on internet and there are hundreds of videos on how to make best possible use of Wordpress to build websites. So, with so much Wordpress related content available, any newbie can build an efficient website on niche areas like gaming, technology, gadgets, movies, etc.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

  • In my point of view, Blogger and WordPress are best for Content Management system (CMS). But it depends on what you want. WordPress provides best techniques and tutorials for bloggers. Blogger platform is easy and simple to use. Newbies can go for Blogger and experts can go for WordPress.

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