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  • How to earn money from Micromax Mad A94 smartphone?

    Micromax has recently released Mad A94 smartphone. Read this thread to know how you can make money by viewing ads on this phone.

    Few days ago I heard about the release of Micromax Mad A94, an Android device which pays money for viewing ads on that device. I like to know how it works? How to withdraw the money earned through this and what are the important features of this phone?
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  • Innovation always appreciated everywhere and people love new innovation if it is unique, Definitely its a great idea even I am looking forward and willing to own such device soon. I guess, soon others would inherit this concept and we'd get this kind of apps for other devices as well.

    Idea is simple! We know ad world and how big is that. Advertising industry is really big and company pays big amounts for advertise. So basically company pays advertisers so that their products or services would be noticed by people across the world. I think it's absolutely right if advertiser pays you few panny for knowing about their products and services.

    Yes, Micromax Mad A94 is an Android phone this smartphone packs a 1.2 GHz quad core processor with a support of a 1800 mAh battery. It'll run on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, and users will get access to their favorite applications via the Google Play Store. Apart from all these basic smartphone features and specs this device has a unique apps which is called MAd(perhaps it stands for Mobile-Ad).

    Micromax Mad A94's MAD apps will provide you an opportunity to earn money, yes it sounds great. Sure you can earn money and the process is simple, Users will have to register for it and all registered users will get to see all sort of advertisements. To make this simple, you'll be awarded with points. Once you achieve particular set of points you can redeem that points into money. The points earned by you will be converted into money using particular parameter. And thus all your earned money will be credited to your pre-paid/post-paid account. I just believe that users would love to earn money so that they can at least earn for their mobile expenses and they will not have to worry much for mobile balance. Idea is great, lets wait and watch how it is going to please users across the globe.

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  • Micromax Mad A94 smartphone will provide users the opportunity to earn some pocket money by viewing ads on this Micromax phone. The idea will be to get advertisers advertise through Micromax phones and users who register for this ad viewing opportunity can make some good income. The points earned by users by viewing ads on mobile can be redeemed as money into their mobile pre-paid or post-paid account. This is a great initiative by Micromax that will help users to atleast take care of their mobile bill amount by viewing ads during free time like travelling.

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  • Micromax Mad A94 is a newly released Android smartphone from Micromax which runs on the latest Jelly Bean version. It helps the users to earn money by just viewing ads on their device. I think this a great opportunity for Android lovers to earn money easily from their smartphones without any scam.

    To earn money using this program you have to dial a number and then you will be able to see ads on your device. You earnings through this program can be redeemed as recharge. You can recharge your pre-paid as well as post-paid connections with this program. Wait for a few weeks to get more information regarding this device.

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