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    Is it possible to display Google ads on a coupon code website?

    Do you already own or are you thinking of starting a coupon code site? Follow this thread to know whether you can monetize coupon sites with Google Adsense.

    I have started reading about ways to start a coupon code website. One of the easiest way is to start a free blog site with a simple template at wordpress or blogger. I want to know if one can then display Google ads on such a website where coupon codes of various online e-commerce merchants are shared. I am asking this for a person who already has an approved Google Adsense account. Please share relevant information.
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  • You can display Google Ads on a coupon code website, but the way you display Ads shouldn't violate Adsense policy. In short, Google Ads should be present in your site differently with different color and different size / format which shall not confuse visitors to get smart click from it.

    There are many coupon websites that don't use Google Ads (they may have Adsense account) but there are few websites who used to display Google Ads adhering Adsense policy. For example, you can check the following website as reference to know about it, how they have place Google Ads that won't confuse any visitors to get click from them -


  • It is 100% possible to display Google ads on coupon sites. If you have a look at some coupon sites you can see that they are using Google ads.

    However you might notice that not many coupon sites are using Google ads for monetizing their website but are using affiliate networks for doing affiliate marketing and making money. Affiliate marketing works very well with coupon and daily deal sites.

    If you are new to affiliate marketing would like to request you to read resources at TEC related to it which will help you get some knowledge regarding it.

  • I think you can use Google Adsense on coupon websites if it does not violate any policy of Google Adsense. But I have one opinion. In coupon code websites, we gather a lot of products from different online shopping sites. To become successful in affiliate marketing you have to display the images of each and every product with their checkout links. So your website is already bulky with product images and its contents. So again adding images to this may impact negatively on your viewers. First of all the main reason to use Adsense in websites is to earn money, in this case you are already earning money through affiliate marketing. So it will be better for you to avoid / minimize Google ads on your website.

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  • Yes, it is possible to display Google ads on a coupon code website. However,
  • Your display ads should not violate Adsense policy.
  • Your display ads should be in different color and in different size.
  • You should display the images of each and every product with their checkout links.

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