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    How to download facebook video shared as post?

    Do you want to download videos available on social networking sites like facebook? Read this thread to know how to download videos shared as a post on Facebook.

    I want to download Facebook videos that are shared by community or friends. What is the procedure to download video of Facebook? Is there any software required for it? Which website do provide this facility as keepvid does for youtube video? Please share your views on this matter.
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  • Just follow these steps to download Facebook videos for free.
    1.First find the host who has post that video.You can get the hostname under the name of that video.
    2.Copy the link of the video. To do this open the video and right click on the video and copy the URL.
    3.Then download any Facebook downloading servers like or
    4.Paste that URL in that site and click download.


    Install IDM. It automatically direct videos and audio in the web page and you can directly download them by using IDM.


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  • One can install Internet Download Manager on their PC / laptop and download videos shared on Facebook using it. This is one of the easiest ways to download facebook videos.

    Also, many of the videos uploaded on Facebook by friends or family are mostly youtube links and one can easily copy the url of such videos and use any youtube downloader like keepvid or others to download such videos on their desktop.

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  • You should install real player software on your PC / laptop and download videos shared on Facebook using it. I download videos by using real player on my PC. I think it is the best and the easiest ways to download facebook videos. You can also install internet download manager on your PC but you will have to buy it whereas real player is free.

    If the videos are related to youtube, you can download them by copying their URL and pasting it on any youtube downloader like keepvid or others to download such videos on your desktop.

  • Nowadays, on Facebook many people are sharing videos but Facebook doesn't allow us to download video from Facebook while as in the case of images you can get a option to download image at the bottom side of the image. If you want to download Facebook video on your PC then you can go for Internet Download Manager which you can get free for 30 days after that you have to buy or install a crack.

    In the case of android I suggest you to go for ES File Manager because it comes with ES Video Downloader built-in. When you will click the video on Facebook you will get a pop-up which will ask you to choose which program you want to use for the video you just click on the ES Video Downloader and the downloading of the video will start.

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  • First download and install Internet download manager, after that when you play Facebook video then there is dialog box which appears for downloading that video. Other way is going to the website, just copy the url of that video from address bar and paste it on the keepvid website. You can download your video easily.

  • 1) Simply download iLivid manager.
    2) Then copy the link of video from any website(Facebook, YouTube etc.)
    3) Paste the link in the top bar where paste link is written.
    4) Press enter, your download will start in a second.

  • All of the above options are really good. If you type video download helper in google you will get many other programs.

    I recommend an addon with firefox Video Download Helper.

    If one site or addon does not work, just head for another. There are so many freely available.

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  • I have found a website name Filevid -, just put the Facebook video link and click on the download button next to it. It will then give you an option to download the video in HD or SD, right click any one and click on 'save link as' and then click Save.

  • You can download facebook videos simply by using this method.
    1. The first step requires you to visit the video page on Facebook and check the URL of the video.
    2. On this page, you can play the video and view it for 5-10 seconds and then pause it.
    3. You need to right click on the video and an option "Save video as" shows up.
    4. Then the pop up to download the video appears. You need to simply rename the video and save it wherever you want to.
    I'd recommend Acethinker Video Downloader ( ) which I have used for many years. It is a free cloud based software to download facebook videos without install any software in your device.

  • There are several type of online sites where you can easily download videos for facebook. In these sites, is the best way for downloading videos in simplest way.

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