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    What is the cookie period of Amazon affiliate program to get affiliate commission?

    Read this to learn about the Amazon or Flipkart affiliate programs in India. Are they restricted to 24 hours? Read this to learn.

    I am comparing Amazon and Flipkart affiliate programs. Which one offers better cookie tracking period? I think Flipkart requires the buyer to purchase an item within 24 hours for us to get the affiliate commission. How about Amazon associate program? I can't find this information in their website.
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  • Both Flipkart and Amazon gives 24 hours cookie tracking. If someone follow your affiliate link and reach or, they must add the product into their shopping cart within 24 hours. allows 89 days to actually purchase the item after adding to the shopping cart, after which you will not be eligible for affiliate commission.

    Flipkart doesn't talk anything about the number of days you have to actually buy the item. Moreover, there are lot of negative reviews about the tracking in Flipkart affiliate program. Many people have reported that they didn't receive commission for many valid sales from Flipkart.

    In general, Amazon is considered to be more genuine and is probably the best affiliate program for Indian bloggers and web site owners.

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  • Amazon's program has a cookie duration of 24 hours which is the same like Flipkart affiliate program. This means if a visitor comes to after clicking one of your affiliate links, he/she has to purchase within 24 hours for you to get any commission from the sale. If the visitor does not buy anything within 24 hours and he buys on third day of clicking your link, you get no credit for the sale.

    You can get commissions site-wide and not just for the specific product you are referring with your affiliate links in Amazon Affiliate program. For example you are promoting a 50 rupees book but in stead the visitor ends up buying a 5000 rupees watch, you get 10% of the cut. It is a pretty nice feature.

    So Amazon can be the best affiliate program for Indian bloggers and website owners because there are some negative reports from Flipkart affiliate program like people do not get commission for many valid sales from Flipkart.

  • has specified that the cookie period is of 24 hours. As for the it is mostly same. Also the tag that we use for affiliate code, it can get overridden by another if ran within those 24 hours. So your code is not only limited to 24 hours but also if any other affiliate ran his code on the same browser. This way you can have very limited window for the affiliate marketing. Also do note that email marketing is not allowed by the amazon so if the traffic is sent by that method then the 24 hours cookie period does not apply. Those leads are waived by the amazon.

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