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    How to prepare iOS 6 device for Apple’s iOS 7 update ?

    Are you using an iPad or iPhone and want to upgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 7? Follow this thread to learn how to get your iOS device ready for an upgrade.

    I am using iPhone 4S from last year and it is running on Apple's iOS 6. Apple's iOS 7 is released this year on September 18 and it is supported by iPhone 4S. That's why I wanted to update my iPhone 4S to Apple's iOS 7. So how i prepare my iPhone 4S for the Apple's iOS 7 update ?
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  • If you want to upgrade your IOS then just move to you nearest apple showroom and get your phone upgraded

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  • You can prepare your iOS 6 Device For iOS 7in the following steps:
  • Backup & Sync Your Device: You should completely sync and backup your device using iTunes.
  • Take Note Of App-Specific Passwords: After it you should make a note of any important app passwords or information that you'll need to set your device up on a fresh install of iOS 6.
  • Start Fresh: Getting a fresh start feels great, and makes your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch feel pretty much like brand new.
  • Save Your Settings: You should save your setting for anything important you might not otherwise remember.
  • Keep Track of Folders and Installed Apps: You should keep track of folders and installed Apps because iOS 7 features a completely new folder layout compared to iOS 6, which won't carry over.

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