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    What are the free blog directories to which blogs post can be submitted?

    Do you own a blog and want to submit it to a blog directory? Unable to find those free blog directories? Read on to know some best blog directories to which you can submit your blog.

    I am earning good amount of money by blogging with my blog as well as contribution in Techulator and ISC. Today sharing the post can give you huge traffic. I want to know What are the free blog directories to which blogs post can be submitted? Please give list and what is the procedure by which one can submit post there?
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  • It is better to get organic traffic than referral or blog directory traffic to webpage. Social networking sites also another good option to get natural traffic to our webpages or blog, you can use FB, Google Plus, Digg, Linkedin, Twitter, Orkut etc. Real-time search is far better than artificial one. There were/are many blog directories to submit blog URL but only few of them are working for reasonable traffic whereas many asking for paid service to get traffic to blog.

    You can find the list of blog directories which may or may not help you to get traffic from those blog directory submission. Note: some of the blog directory may ask you as favor to embed their code in your blog to get validated or promote each other. It is sometime against Search Engine policy.


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