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    How can I set minimum threshold for payments in Google Adsense account?

    Want to set the minimum threshold payment amount for your Google adsense account? Find out here how to set threshold payment amounts for adsense earnings.

    Hi Member,

    The question is about Google adsense account. Can you tell me how can I select threshold payments in updated Adsense account? The total earning of the October was $97 so I have confusion that will this payments will issue in this month? I don't select any threshold option in updated adsense account. So please can you tell me my earning be issued this month?
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  • Minimum threshold of Adsense account is $100 by default, however you can 'self hold' payment if needed.

    Sign in into your Google Adsense Account
    Click on Account setting tab in the left side
    Check the Payment setting row and check the 'Self hold' row and its selection to let you know the detail. If you have selected as 'Please send my payments monthly' then there won't we any issue and you will get your payment once $100 threshold reached only.

    For example, if your payment threshold of $100 reached/crossed during November then it will be calculated/finalized during December 1st or 2nd week, your Adsense cheque will be released at the end of December and it will be reached to you on 2nd or 3rd week of January month.


  • Google Adsense is a very good way of earning income through your blogs, websites and writings on adsense revenue sharing sites. Generally, the default payment threshold for Google Adsense is $100. The Google Adsense threshold is checked / verified at the end of every month and when someone crosses it, the payment is generally received by him / her within next 45-50 days.

    Google has provided additional option to uphold payment of $100 every month. This allows adsense users to receive bigger amount cheques as and when they want to receive the payment. One can thus receive payments every 3-4 month if one intends to receive big amount at once instead of just $100.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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