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    What is the meaning of the message "Currently connected to 3G Modem 9 Internet access"?

    What is 3G Modem 9, 3G Modem 8, 3G Modem 72 and 3G Modem 80? Check out to know what is the meaning of 3G Modem 9/8/72/80 Internet access and what is the difference between them.

    I connect my computer to Internet with Idea net setter using the sim of Idea. Today I connect it to Internet and I saw the message on the internet access "Currently connected to 3G Modem 9 Internet access". But yesterday this message was like it, "Currently connected to 3G Modem 8 Internet access".

    But this message was on other day like it "Currently connected to 3G Modem 72 Internet access"

    One day I saw this message like this"Currently connected to
    3G Modem 80 Internet access".

    We see that the 3G Modem 9, 3G Modem 8, 3G Modem 72, 3G Modem 80 is changing but all other things are as the same.

    So I want to know "what is its meaning?" Why this term changes often?

    Members please tell me about this in detail.
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  • These are the number of times you connects to internet through your modem or phone. When we connect to internet Windows tracks our connectivity.

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