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    How can we design our Blog? Full instructions needed

    Want to know the details on starting a blog on the blogger platform. Get the answers here.

    I have made my account on Google Blogger. I opened it and want to make it but find myself unable to do so.

    As I am a new to this blog and I do not have knowledge concerning making and designing a blog.

    I am thinking that as a website looks the blog will also look like it but no idea.

    So please help me in making and designing a blog.
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  • How to design blog? It has to be learned by doing it practically or watching any related YouTube video for designing blog.

    Login to your blog account
    Go to Design / Setting option
    Now, you will get the option of various blog templates at the bottom or when you click on 'Template' option at the left side or above 'Settings' option
    Select blog template per your choice (some template will not be able to change the theme or design or other required setting per our choice)
    Now, click on 'Post' or 'New Post' or 'Create post' (click on Pen icon) option to write something as topic, enter Post Title per your choice
    Enter summary at big blank box
    Use the various option above big box respectively
    You can use bold tag, Italics letter, underline, different font, different font colors, different highlighting colors, insert image, insert link, insert video link, left or center or right alignment of the text etc.
    Once everything is done, click on 'Publish' or 'Save' option to publish it and SAVE its URL for future usage.


  • You need enough html knowledge for designing blogger blog looks like professional website. Its not only design you need to start a website. There are many other things like Domain selection, SEO, Keywords, templates, contents, niche knowledge are required. You said you have no knowledge about it. So it is an advice to hire freelancer from reputed websites like fivver or freelancer to complete your work. Or you can go for ready-made templates available on internet. You can choose any template which fits best as per your idea.

  • Oh great!!! Developing a blog is another step forward in programming.

    Now, coming to your question, you need to design and start blogging. For this, First of all and most important to remember is "What is your blog about?". The design of your blog depends upon the category of the blog. After deciding the category of blog, your move to the next step.

    For designing, you can find hundreds of themes for free or paid. You can search on google and find the best template that match your criteria.

    For normal custom designing, you can find many options for customization like color, font size, etc. You can edit and play with the available options.

    You can customize the template at the Template section of your dashboard on bottom of left sidebar.
    Similarly, you can change the layout of the page at the layout section above the template section.

    Good Luck!!!

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  • If you are new to blogging, I would advice you to go for default design for now.
    Follow these steps if you want to change theme and colors.

    1. Sign in to your blogger account.

    2. Select the blog you would wish to update.

    3. Click on Template and then on Customise on "Live on Blog".

    4. Now you can play with the settings and different themes. You get to see the preview of the changes you made before actually appying them.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • By default Google blogger has the template designer that you can use to design the blog.

    1. Login to blogger account.
    2. Click on Design link.
    3. Choose either HTML editor or design editor.

    Inside the template editor you get an option to either modify HTML or use design builder. If you choose to use HTML editor then you can use the thousands of Blogger themes out there. If you choose the design builder then you have the option to customize every small detail of the blog.

    As a beginner you should be downloading the available free templates from the web. From there you can paste the HTML into the editor. This way you don't have to spend much time designing the blog template.

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