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  • My HTC ONE V working very slow, What I should do for speed up for my smartphone

    You can find expert answers here on increasing the speed of your HTC one V smartphone.

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    The problem is about mt HTC one V smartphone. These days my HTC one V is working very slow due to some problems. Sometimes it takes many seconds for opening any application. So can you tell me how can I speed up my HTC one V? Please give me a proper solution of the problem.
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  • We use a mobile phone for our better work. All want to do their work very fast. Every mobile is very fast in their beginning time but as the time passes, they become slow and slower. This makes us annoyed. We want to get the speed of our phone as it was.

    This is not the problem of any particular mobile phone but it is the problem of each and every mobile phone. If you are using the HTC Hero the problem is the same. In HTC Hero this problem is a common problem.

    Reason why our HTC Hero slow down:

    Our HTC Hero slows down because of many applications that we are using at present or we have used them in past. We all know that in Android mobiles applications runs in the background, so they don't need to start them again. They restart themselves. We cannot see these applications clearly but they slow down the speed of our mobile phone.

    Some tips to make our HTC Hero faster: If there is any problem in our HTC Hero, we can get its solution. We can make our slow speeded HTC Hero to a faster HTC Hero mobile phone by adopting the following steps.

    Remove Widgets:

    There are many widgets like clock, calendar and contacts on your desktop that are very harmful because they take a lot of space. If you are using HTC Hero, they are taking a lot of space. So for better speed we should remove all these widgets. For it press the widget which you want to remove for a long time until you see trash, then drag the widget on trash. In this way remove all the widgets.

    Upgrade the software:

    For faster speed we should upgrade the software with the help of windows XP or Vista computer because there are newer versions of Android available.

    Removed unused applications:

    There are many applications that we never use or we use them rarely in our mobile phone. They may slow down the speed of our mobile phone. So for better speed you should remove all your unused applications because even if you are not using them, they are potentially clogging up your system.

    A faster Internet browser:

    Every mobile phone has its own Built in Android browser. It works well but sometimes it does not give the proper service. So we should install opera mini browser for higher speed. Opera mini browser is very fast and it has many features.

  • Reasons due to which your HTC ONE V can work slow are :-
    1. Due to widgets and unwanted apps installed on your android. To get this solution download a Task Manager and set a timer for auto killing all running apps accept the app which you was using.
    2. Due to apps installed on Phone Memory. If your phone memory will be filled then your phone will work slow. To overcome this problem install app known as App 2 SD which can move your apps to SD Card
    3. Try to upgrade your android, New Version of Android Kitkat Provides you better and faster interfrace.
    4. This is a optional step. Root your phone and uninstall unwanted system apps. If you want rooting process of HTC ONE V then open the provided by me. is the best website for thread for android and threads are posted only by Experts.

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