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    Best sites for creating blogging templates online

    Are you looking for information how to create blogging template online? Want to get template created by online facility with free of cost? Find the help from our experts on this matter.

    I heared that few sites are providing the facility to create our own blogging templates online. Can any of the expert from this site mention the best sites that are providing the facility to create templates online. And also specify whether the created templaed canbe downloaded at free of cost.
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  • You haven't mentioned the platform of your blog i.e. blogger, WordPress, Joomla etc. Moreover, I think creating your own template needs knowledge in programming and it is not that easy. All the template creators you see are generators of new templates. There you can just modify or completely change the appearance and layout of an existing template according to your interests. Here are some online free theme i.e. template generators.
    1. dotemplate Needs no knowledge of HTML and is free to customise and download the file.
    2. cooltemplate You can generate templates for popular platforms WordPress, HTML and Joomla etc.
    3. Skingenerator Same as the above and this generator includes options even for Blogger.
    Also there are some other popular tools like WordPress Theme Generator, Weebly etc. And you might have to register with these websites to start over.

  • Some websites where we can get templates and create your own website online are the following:

    (1) Wix: It is a good and useful website that provides drag and drop with HTML5 capabilities.

    (2) Weebly: It is also an amazing website. It also supports drag and drop features for template building.

    (3) Webs: I is also an easy and useful website.

    (4) Jimdo: I is easy o use website. No coding required in this site.

    (5) Webstarts: It is also easy to use.

    (6) Yola

    (7) Moonfruit

    (8) Jigsy

    (9) IMCreator

    (10) Webnode

  • Here are some cool and handy blog templates designer websites:
    1. IM Creator
    2. Dotemplate
    3. PsycHo
    4. TrixTG
    5. CSSEZ
    6. Firdamatic
    7. Templatr
    8. Eris' Template Generator
    9. Weebly
    10. Wix
    11. Cooltemplate
    12. Drupal Theme Generator

    I have given here the most popular blog template generators websites list. You can choose the best suitable template generator for your blog based on which blogging platform you are using i.e.Blogger, wordpress, Drupal, etc.

    Namita Terse

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