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    How to display different sections of site on my homepage?

    Do you want to know how to display different sections of site on my homepage? Read on the answers.

    I had created a blog from I want to display all the sections of my blog with related posts on the homepage i.e, 4 sections of my blog should be specified in home page by splitting it. Can any of the experts from this site help me how to do this. I want each section to be displayed on my home page.
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  • Blog is designed in such a way that each of your new post from every section will be displayed in your home page without making any changes. Your new posts will displayed in home page as well as its respective category page when you click on the publish button. And it will remove from the home page when you add new posts to your blog.

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  • I see that you are using blogger. Most important benefit of blogging with these type of freebies is that, they are very easy to use and of course free.

    The other benefits of Free Blogging Platform are:
    2. Reliable Hosting
    3. Almost Unhackable
    4. Owned by Google

    But it has also some disadvantages as:
    1. Blogger Owns Your Blog Site
    2. Blogger Lacks Plugins
    3. Limited Template For Your Blog Site

    Now, you see, blogger Limited Template for your blog site. That means you need to either develop your own xml template or you need to stay on the limitation. So, Choice is yours which to choose.

    Since, you are newbie on blogger, recently you can continuing your blogging with the custom designs. But as your traffic increases on your site, you can create your new design and host own custom domain. So, you can redirect the people from blogger to your own custom domain having custom design as your wish.

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