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    Who created computer virus first?

    Do you want to know who created computer virus first? Rean on the answers.

    There are many types of viruses that can affect Computer software, data or information etc. some of them directly steal our valuable information such as User ID and Password of the bank etc. there are many anti-virus also available in the market to protect the system and data. Anyhow, who created computer virus first and when it was created first.
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  • The computer virus is a malicious program which can replicate itself at rapid speed. Viruses modify and harm the system resources such as CPU usage, software programs, user data files, hard disk, system software and boot sector records, etc.

    The first computer virus was CREEPER virus. The creeper virus was observed first in 1971 affecting and spreading over the ARPANET which is a generation of Internet in the decade of 1970. The Creeper virus program was written by Bob Thomas, from BBN Technologies. BBN Technologies is an American firm working in the field of research and development in the computers and IT.

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  • This question can have two answers, If we talk about virus which was created just for experiment(Based on an experimental self-replicating program) at BBN Technologies in 1971. It would be The Creeper virus which was first detected on ARPANET. Creeper used the ARPANET to infect DEC PDP-10 computers which was running the TENEX operating system.

    Now I name you the virus which was created in 1982, a program called "Elk Cloner" was the first personal computer virus outside the single computer or lab where it was created.

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  • (1) What is a computer Virus?
    Ans: IT is a program that destroys our data and files entering in our computer. It can enter in our computer from many ways.

    (1) When we attach our computer with a pen drive.

    (2) When we insert CD in our computer.

    (3) Whe we connect our computer with internet.

    Qu. Which is the first computer Virus?
    Ans: The first computer Virus was 'Creeper Virus'. It was first discovered by Bob Thomas at BB Technologies in 1971. When a computer is affected by it the message "I'm the creeper, catch me if you can!" is seen on our computer.

    But 'in the wild' is the first recognized computer virus that is known by Morris Worm spread rapidly by Internet. Robert Tappan Morris was the designer of this computer Virus. He discovered it on 2 November 1988.

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