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    How to get SEO freelance work?

    Are you a freelancer and expert in SEO? Unable to get projects quickly? Don't worry, read on to know how to get freelance SEO projects easily.

    How to get SEO freelance projects for someone with 1-2 year experience? I have tried many websites like freelancer, elance and odesk. But its very difficult for a beginner to win a bid. Is there any other websites or companies which offer freelance work?
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  • Today SEO has become very popular among all the internet marketer and it is indeed a very important thing to do for getting fair amount of popularity and Google traffic. As you have mentioned in the first line that you have 1-2 years of exp. I believe it won't be much difficult for you to get a project online. You must summarize and publish your contribution whatever you have done as an SEO expert.

    By the way, I would also recommend you to start your own website or blog where you can get some direct deals. Good news is that you're an SEO expert so you can easily make your site popular and once you list up all the SEO work done by you, Clients may be interested to contact or offer you the deal.

    Yes, it is true that it is not so easy to get work on freelance sites. Anyhow you must get a chance to get couple of projects. Remember, Every freelancer was a beginner and they might have felt same what you feel today. Don't give up, keep on trying. Yes, there are many sites and organisation which hires SEO experts, you can contact them. Search for all SEO companies near your area and you can contact them off line as well.

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  • Today almost all web startups and even established companies require SEO experts. You have rightly mentioned that its difficult to get work projects on online freelancing websites as there is a lot of competition. However I would suggest you to keep bidding and with some experience you will definitely get some projects. Alternately you can also check out various job boards where there are job/project postings. You can also contact companies/startups individually and ask if they have any SEO requirements. Keep trying and you will succeed. All the best !

  • Most of your freelancer work depends on your SEO work experience and some major projects. If both you have then keep patience sure you will get the work. As we all know that it is very difficult to find the customer on freelancer so you should also contact with the other company organisation and also contact with the every organisation which are providing this type of work.

  • Thanks for all the replies.. Really appreciate it :)

  • To get any of work project online it is very important to showcase your skills and talents through a testimonials. The best way to showcase your website with related work is to build your own portfolio website where you can publish your successful projects and tasks, Website links for which you have been doing SEO/SEM work, etc.

    As you are a SEO expert for over 1-2 years, you can easily market your portfolio website by employing the best search engine tactics. You can also showcase alexa ranking records of your past projects by giving alexa report links in your portfolio.

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  • Since you have mentioned that it's not possible for you to get work from freelance job boards, I would suggest you to contact companies individually and ask if they have any requirements for them. Many start ups especially web start ups and eCommerce sites are always on lookout for talented freelance person.

    You can even make use of free classified sites and add your classified ad that you are providing SEO freelance services. It might also help you in getting some work.

  • You can use The website is only for seo based works. Working style of seoslerk is different from traditional freelancing websites. Similar to fiverr, you need to post your own seo services with fee like - 1000 backlinks for $10 or more etc. Unlike fiverr you can set any price for your services. Website will handle all transactions from customer. You can redeem your earnings through Paypal.

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