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    How to start a coupon code site?

    Do you want to know how to start a coupon code site? Read on the answers.

    Coupon Code sites basically have codes which will give discounts for various products. The process involves affiliate program. What I wanted to know is how those websites can launch? Because for registering with any Affiliate Program your website need to be already established which in this case is not possible. Can someone with experience explain the process of setting up such websites.
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    A website offering discounts and coupon codes may hit better traffic and also generate revenue i.e. affiliate earnings. You need to have a publishing platform i.e. a website to offer coupon codes and discounted prices. And you can start a new blog with WordPress just by spending $100 for hosting, domain and a simple theme. Since WordPress is the best and easiest content managing platform you don't have to worry about coding. Also, several free plugins help you making your blog easier to navigate and find the desired coupons you place. Here are the instructions;

    1. Immediately choose a catchy domain and buy hosting plan either from Bluehost or Dreamhost since they offer a free domain name for one year along with hosting plan.
    2. You can use free themes for your blog but they don't establish a trust in your visitors on your blog. So, check theme providers for premium themes like Themify, elegant themes, woo themes where you get all themes for just $50.
    3. Set up I mean install WordPress and design your blog using the custom theme you purchased and make it easier to navigate.
    4. Now you can join as an affiliate for the host (either Bluehost or Dreamhost) from whom you purchased a hosting plan and also for the theme club.
    5. You can now post some reviews on your niche i.e. on the websites or products of which you want to offer coupons.
    6. It is better to concentrate on specific products just like single niche blogs since you are a newbie. This is all the process and I hope you had a way now.

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    Hey dear,
    For establish a websites the best way for you here you find and check how a coupons sites works.

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