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    Which is the best anti-virus software

    Do you want to know the best anti-virus software? Just read on the answers.

    I had bought a new system and to protect it from virus I want to install anti-virus software. Can any of the experts from this site mention the top 10 best anti-virus software? Also mention whether they are free ware or trial versions. If they are trial versions then mention how to get the full version of that software.
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  • What I suggest is no antivirus program available is bad at all, unless it is a fake one. All antivirus program do the same task of blocking or removing any threat detected. You can download any of the antivirus program out there and it will do it's task of dealing with the malwares and all.

    If you are a frequent net user try installing any antivirus with term 'Web Shield or Net Protect..'. They have a added feature of keeping track on various incoming and outgoing connections over the network. They come with firewalls for the added security.

    You can download any trusted antivirus and make yourself relaxed about the security issues of your new system. As I said, all antivirus are good and perform the same task. It is all with your taste which antivirus makes you feel comfortable and whose visual is more appealing to you.

    I am giving you a list of some good antivirus programs that can be easily trusted upon. As considered with license of them, it would be great if you download the trial antivirus first if paid antivirus appears to please you. But remember free antiviruses are also not bad at all and are definitely trustworthy..

    1. Avast Internet Security - Paid and free
    2. Kaspersky - Paid
    3. Quick Heal - Paid
    4. AVG Antivirus - Paid and free
    5. Bitdefender - Paid
    6. Microsoft Security Essentials - Free
    7. Avira - Paid and free
    8. Net Protector Antivirus(NPAV) - Paid
    9. Norton - Paid
    10. McAfee - Paid

    Most of the paid antivirus above offer a 30 day free subscription for trying them. You can download them from their official sites, just google them.

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