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  • Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) gameplay and review

    Do you want to know about Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) gameplay and review? If so read on the answers.

    Can anyone mention the review of GTA 5? GTA V is the latest part from the series of Grand Theft Auto. I want to know the gameplay and review of Grand theft Auto V. How is this game? Is it interesting and what about the graphics in this game? Is it difficult to play the game?
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  • Hello,
    GTA V is the new superstar of gaming market which rocked everyone after its release. Till now it is only launched for XBox 360 and PS3 but its going to be launched for PC soon and if you are asking about graphics it seems that you haven't played GTA earkier. You can check from its predessors how GTA IV was fab and Rockstar claimed that GTA V is much more better then GTA IV with a bigger area, better graphics, better missions, etc. Everything is better in this Game For gameplay checkout my link.

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  • Some specifications of this game is as follows:

    1.Grand Theft Auto game is known as GTA.

    2.It is a sandbox action video game.

    3.It brings many exciting adventures.

    4.In this game you become a total criminal by doing what comes in your mind.

    5.In this game you can earn points by killing while causing destruction.

    6. You can make money by selling stolen cars.

    7.Grand Theft Auto takes place in the following cities:
    Liberty City
    Vice City
    San Andreas

    8.Its main attraction is the use of ultimate console´s power.

    9.Ultimate console´s power provides enhanced graphic quality in it.

    10.Till now it is only launched for XBox 360 and PS3 but its going to be launched for PC soon

    11. If it happens you can download it from Internet. It is free version. While downloading you will have to follow the instructions displayed while on your computer screen.

    12.After downloading you can install it on your computer.

    13.You can easily uninstal it by control panel of your computer.

  • I would suggest you to go through the below link to read the instructions to play this game and also to read its review.
    GTA V Review

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