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    How to change profile name on Facebook?

    Do you want to know how to change profile name on Facebook. just go through this thread.

    I have opened a Facebook account in 2009 and gave only the nick name as a profile name. Now after I got engaged in other social networking sites with forums and articles, therefore I want to add a social profile status with my original name. I tried to change my nick name of profile in Facebook but could edit the same. Only that column is blocked for editing. Is there any way to change the profile name on Facebook now?
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  • It is very easy to change your profile name. Just goto account settings option. In that page you can edit or change your profile name, user name, password. Atlast you need to enter your password to save your settings. Thats it, now your profile name is changed.

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  • It is very easy to change your profile name or add an alternate name to your account. To edit your name you have to click in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page and select account settings, then click on general column. Then look for name settings and click edit. Then type your new name and save. when this is not working you can go to help option in log in page and ask experts help.

  • To change your Profile Name and Display name in Facebook just click the wheel at right hand top corner, select Account settings, Edit the name section. You will get a screen to change the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name, Display name (drop down with options of name first and surname first). On this screen you will also find the option to enter the Alternate name. After entering the changes you can save the changes by entering your Facebook password.

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  • It can be done very easily in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page.

    At first go to the account settings option in your Facebook account.

    Here you will select account settings.

    You will go to general setting column.

    Here you will find options to edit or change your profile name, user name and your password.

    Here you will see the name setting button. You can Select it and edit it.

    After editing what you want to change at last you should not forget to save the changes by entering your Facebook password

  • Facebook is available in all the devices these days and all comes with different interface. To change password you will get different setting.

    To change password in Mobile
    1. Click on search at the top. It is the best and easiest to scroll down faster.
    2. Then your account setting. Click on it.
    3. After that you have to click on General.
    4. There you will get Password written. Click on it.
    5. It will ask your Old Password and new password with it's confirmation means you have to fill password twice.
    6. After that just click on change password and it will get changed.
    7. After changing password a dialog box will popup asking that if you want to Log out from other devices and keep you logged in. If your account was hacked then choose first option otherwise you can go for second one.

    To change password in Computer
    1. At the right top in the corner. From there you mainly log out from facebook. Click on the button it will slide down a list.
    2. Click on Account Settings.
    3. You will easily find Password Tab. Click on it and change the password. To change the password you will need old password.
    4. Same as in Mobile a dialog box will pop up which will ask you that if you want to log you out from other devices and keep you logged in.

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  • Yes,there is a way to change the Facebook profile name but there is a limitation too there that you can change your name only after 60 days. This means that if you had changed your name today then you can change it after 60 days if you want to make further change .

    NOTE: Be careful while changing the name.

    Steps to change te name :-

    1.Go to setting and Privacy in the bottom if you are using a mobile phone.

    2. Select the general option.

    3.Edit the first name and last name column with that name which you want to enter.

    4.There is a check box "[]" if you make tick on the chek box then the notification about the changing of he facebook profile name get displayed on your friends wall.

    5. Enter your password to save setting in the box present below the line "include this on my timeline".

    6. click on the save button to save the setting and if you want to cancel the chahges select cancel button.

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