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    Suggest some best portable wireless bluetooth speakers?

    Do you want to know about some best portable wireless Bluetooth speakers? If so, just read answers.

    I want to buy wireless Bluetooth speakers which should be portable and have to deliver excellent audio quality. I need these Bluetooth speakers compatible with wide range of smartphones, tablets, phablets and even with laptop or desktop computers. Please help me select the best wireless portable Bluetooth speakers with specifications and price details.
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  • I prefer to choose "UE BOOM". This is compatible with both computer and laptops. You can use these speakers in outdoors. Sound quality is superb. This gives around 15 hours of battery and you can synchronous other speakers with this by wireless connection.

    Know all latest Technology updates from below link.

  • Manufacturers like Logitech, DigiFlip, Live Tech and Enter were known for Bluetooth speakers in India. Here I have given some Bluetooth speaker and its price.

    Budget category
    Live Tech LT X-7 - Rs.1500
    Enter E-300 1.0 - Rs.1796
    DigiFlip PS003 - Rs.1249
    F&D M8 1 - Rs.1699
    Squirrel BSV-51 1.1 - Rs. 2700
    JBL Micro Wireless 1 - Rs.2700
    Logitech Mini Boombox - Rs.3625
    Divoom Bluetune-2 - Rs.3959

    Some of the speakers in below listed were non-potable Bluetooth speakers.
    Mid - range
    Ultimate Ears Mobile Boombox - Rs.5999
    Creative D200 - Rs.6499
    Hercules BTP05 2 - Rs.6600
    Zebronics ZEB-BT8000RUC Dabang Tower 4.1 - 6267

    Premium range
    Sound Logic Bluetooth iTower Speaker - Rs. 12500
    Ultimate Ears Boombox - Rs.19999
    Edifier Spinnaker e30 2.0 - Rs.20853

  • I would like to suggest two of the best portable wireless bluetooth speakers to surve your purpose in a affordable price budget.

    Portronics Pure Sound BT Bluetooth Portable Speaker Price on : Rs.2,250/-

    Capdase SK00-B209 1.5 Channel Bluetooth Speakers Price on : Rs.2,850/-

    Namita Terse

  • I would suggest you to go for bluetooth speakers which are in trend nowadays.

    Some good options are:
    F&D M8 Bluetooth Speaker Price 1890 on Flipkart
    F&D Swan Bluetooth Speaker Price 1999 on Flipkart
    F&D Swan Bluetooth Speaker Price 2194 on Flipkart
    F&D W330BT Bluetooth Speaker Price 4989 on Flipkart
    JBL Flip II Bluetooth Speakers Price- 6499 on Flipkart
    JBL Jebme Wireless Speakers Price 3,700 on Amazon
    JBL micro II wireless Price 3760 on Flipkart
    Philips SBT 30 Bluetooth Speaker price 2499 on Flipkart
    Philips SBT 30 Price 2999 on Flipkart

    If you want excellent audio quality then you should prefer to buy speakers of JBL and F&D.

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