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    How to add a custom domain to our blog?

    Do you own a free blog on Blogger or WordPress? Want to add a domain to your blog? Know the step by step process how to add your own domain to your blog.

    I own a blog and I want to buy a custom domain for my blog. Can the expert members tell me how to buy and add a custom domain to my blog? Please note that I am not a tech savvy and I don't have much of technical knowledge and I don't understand too complex tech terms. So request you to give a simple description on how to add custom domain to our blog? Also would like to know what are the pros and cons of adding a custom domain to our blog?
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  • If you would like to add custom domain to your blog then follow the steps mentioned below;

    Login and Go to your blog 'settings' option
    Click on +Add Custom Domain (under second column where mentioned 'Publishing' - 'Blog address'.
    Enter your custom domain name in blank field next to 'http://' and click on save. You are done. Wait for few hours to update it by search engine, sometime it won't index immediately.


  • Need not worry about it. If you own blogger blog, most of the domain providers provide you option to directly link the domain with your blog. For instance, in Go Daddy, you can link your domain directly from Go Daddy site with the option available in the site. It is self explanatory. Secondly the problem in search engine ranking or traffic will be mostly affected in sites which had a custom domain previously and shifted to a new domain. But if you have a blogger blog, the effect is almost nil as your old web address will also work.

    Ganesh Babu.S

  • First of all you need to select a good domain name for your blog according to the content on your blog. After selecting the domain name you need to check if your content on the blog is suited to which geographical locations. All .com domain names are top level domain name and .in or .uk are country specific domain names. GoDaddy is providing top level domains at very cheap rates of about just Rs.125/- for the first year of registration which includes ICANN charges. After you have purchased the domain name say from any registrar then add the custom domain in blogger dashboard through settings and the blogger dashboard will guide you step by step as to how to redirect your blog to customized domain name. You can keep both the windows open that is blogger dashboard settings and domain manager of your domain name provider. It will take not more than 10 minutes even for a non tech savvy blogger. If your blog gets popular then you will have your patented domain name which can be renewed every year.

    Ashok Goyal
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  • I started blogging just before two weeks and bought a domain for blog. It is not a big task. I managed it within two hours and I am also not a tec expert. So I will explaint it here in simple words.

    The first thing I am going to explain is that how to buy a domain. I am not telling you to how to choose a domain name because you already choosen your domain name before posting this question. So here is the deal. First go to any domain selling website. I prefer, because I purchased my domain from this website which providing cheap rates for domains. I bought .in domain for just 230/- for one year. After the successful registration and payment now you can login to you account. You need to perform two settings in bigrock website. First of all go to DNS management page. There you can see buttons like A Record, CNAME, AAAA, like that. You only need A Record, and CNAME for setting you domain. First of all go for A Record. Delete all the records available in that page (there may be three A records). After deleting these records you need to create four new A Records. Here you dont have to fill a lot of things. Click on the A records any add new records. For setting A records you have to fill only one box. Leave "Host Name" and fill "Destination IPv4 Address" field with . Your first A record is ready. Then you have to create three more records. Just like the first one you have to fill only the destination Ip address. They are, and

    Now your A Record is cleare. Now go for CNAME. Delete all CNAME's if any. Click on add new CNAME. In the add CNAME page write 'www' in the "Host name". In the "Value" select the second radio button and write in the respective field. Thats all you dont have to edit or fill any other boxes in that. Then click on submit button. Then you need to create a second CNAME. Its also like the first one but the values are different. For getting Host name and Value you need to login in to your blog, go to settings>basic, and under the publishing you can see an option 'Add a custom domain'. Click on that link. Enter you domain that you bought. It will show an error and it will ask you to see the "Settings instructions". Buy clicking this link you can find your second CNAME. When clicking on the above link it will show leave page/ stay on this page option. Click on the leave page. From this page you will get your CNAME records. The smaller token is for the Host Name and the longer token name is for Value. Just fill both these value as inserted in the first CNAME. Now the work with your domain registrar is done. Now go to blogger, choose add a custom domain option, and save the settings. If it is showing error save it after one or two hours. After the successful saving of your domain you can visit your website with the custom domain within two hours (in normal case).

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  • Qu.1. How to buy and add a custom domain to my blog?
    Ans: At first select the suitable Domain name for your blog. You can do it according to the contents of your blog or website. All .com Domain names are very important and they are said the top level Domain name. All .in and .uk Domain names are affected in particular country or place. You can buy it from any Domain selling websites. You can buy it from GODADDY. it sells Domain names in the cheapest rates. After buying your Domain name you ca add it in your website through its setting.

    Qu.2. How to add custom domain to our blog?
    Ans: If you want to add custom Domain to your blog, you should follow the following steps:

    (1) You should Login to your blog.

    (2) You should search the setting button in your blog.

    (3) You should go to the setting option on your blog.

    (4) You can observe there 'publishing ' – 'Blog address'.

    (5) You can see it under second column.

    (6) Click on +Add Custom Domain there.

    (7) You will find there 'http://'

    (8) You can enter your custom domain here.

    (9) You should wait now for few hours.

    (10) The search Engine will update your custom Domain name for your blog or website.

    Qu.3. What are the pros and cons of adding a custom domain to our blog?
    Ans: Custom Domain is more important than a free domain name. But in the website the contents is very important. If the content is unique and people take interest in it, your blog or website will have a great traffic for your blog or website.

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