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    What are hashtags and how do they help increasing the traffic?

    Are you aware of hashtag in Twitter? Recently Facebook also launched these hashtags. Know more about hashtags and also know how can they help you increase traffic to your blog?

    Recently Hashtags became quite common in social networking sites specially Facebook, Twitter. I don't understand the benefits of a hashtag and I would like to ask the experts the following question about hashtags.

    1.What is hashtag and how it helps increasing the traffic?
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  • Hashtag has nothing to do with site traffic but some SEO expert assume that Hashtag helps to increase traffic to their webpages. Hashtag just helps only for specific topic interested user to connect by link and nothing else, hashtag helps to find related topic, images, link etc. for the user. Today it may be OK against search engine, it is possible that it could be monitored and against per search engine in the future for over usage of it.

    Social Networking is generally getting traffic and it is not necessary for them to use hashtag for getting traffic, but they too needed traffic to cover their competitive Social networking chases via this hashtag feature since they have open rules against search engine. Here concern is only for content writer, blogger, publisher following or abiding search engine rules and regulation.


  • The above response is not correct and I can say that 'hash tags' can do a lot increasing traffic to your website. I think Hash tags are first seen in Twitter and recently Facebook is allowing its users to add them in posts. This is how a hash tag appears #RK and I use it on Facebook.
    What is the use of Hash Tags?
    Let me explain it in a blogger's view. Let's assume that you are a blogger and your niche is about gadgets. Being a blogger you obviously post updates in FB page and twitter daily and those posts may include various categories. So, its is difficult for a visitor to read all posts about a specific gadget. So, in such case you can use a hash tag in your posts for example, '#iPhone 5S.' This helps your visitors identify the all the posts related to iPhone 5S when they click that tag. However, that hash tag might have already been used by many users since it's a keyword.

    How to draw traffic using HashTags?
    Using hash tags in your posts i.e. posts with hash tags receive more engagement of your visitors. When you use hash tags wherever necessary, at least 50 per cent of your page visitors on Facebook or twitter followers clicks it. There is a scope for staying long time on your page and if at least half of them visit the clickable links (to your blog) in your page, that worked. Also, excess use of hash tags doesn't look good and may work negative so, limit your posts to just 2 tags.
    Hope this helped you.

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