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    How iOS7 is better than Android KitKat?

    Do you want to know how iOS7 is better than Android KitKat? If so read answers to this question.

    Both Apple and Google unveiled their operating system update to their users. Apple with its iOS7 and Google with its Android KitKat are in news. I heard that iOS 7 touch screen is 2.5 times faster than Android. It seems to be good. But what other features of iOS 7 makes it better than Android KitKat? Kindly share if there is any disadvantage too?
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  • Android KitKat is not yet launched, it is still in development stage. I feel Android OS is more user friendly than any other operating system. Actually iOS 7 is better than its previous version, there is nothing new in this OS than Android. Some important changes in iOS 7 are

    1. Lock screen
    2. Multitasking
    3. Notification
    4. Settings

    All these changes appears similar to Android OS. Only best thing about iOS 7 is its access to iTunes. iTunes has got more apps in its store than Android.

    Touch screen doesn't depends on the operating system. It depends on the hardware they use. These days we get superb touch screen even in budget mobile. So 2.5 times faster touchscreen is just a myth.

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