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    Creating Guest account and keeping privacy

    Is your personal computer used by your friends and family? Do you want to protect your privacy by making guest accounts? Read on to know how to create guest accounts and keep all your data on drives secure.

    Hello Readers,

    I am using a PC which is used by many people. I have my personal data in E and D Drives. (Drives other than local drive) as well as on desktop. I want to maintain privacy in my data from other people. I created guest account which took care of Local drive but other drives were still accessible to others. I want a solution which help me keeping my data personal and inaccessible to others.
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  • To keep your data out of reach from Guest account drives, you have two options,
    1. Hide the specified drives
    2. Prevent the access to specified drives.

    To enable these features, you need to follow these steps.

    1. Click on 'Start'
    2. Write in search box/Run - 'gpedit.msc'
    3. A new window will open. On the right side of the window(Local computer policy), you will see two options. Out of them, click on 'User configuration'
    4. Click on 'Administrative templates'
    5. Choose Windows components and then 'Windows explorer'.
    6. Now look for 'Prevent access to drives from my computer. Once you find it see, it will be 'Not configured'. Now you need to double click on it and have to 'enable' it. Once you enable it, you can choose your drive to restrict it from access.
    7. In the same list, look for 'Hide these specified drives in my computer'. Again you need to enable it to use these feature.

    Hope this will help to serve your purpose. Click here to get more details about securing hard drives.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • If you hide the specified drives and prevent the access to specified drives, you can maintain privacy in your data from other people. This is a great solution which will help you keeping your data personal and inaccessible to others.

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