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    How to make 10mh Inductor at home

    Are you looking for help with your science project? Follow this thread to learn how to make 10mH inductor for your school or college.

    Hi Friends,

    Actually I am doing a electronics project. The project is about metal detector using IC 555. I have been able to get all required components but just not a 10mh Inductor.

    Can anyone please guide me on how to make a 10mH inductor at home. I learnt that it is possible to do so by winding some wire on magnet/wood. Can anyone please guide me?

    Any help will be appreciated.
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  • In simple words, an inductor is nothing but a coil of wire. The inductance can be calculated using some formulas by taking the length and width etc. This is the general perception. But don't forget that certain things we need to take care while making such a small inductor. It's very hard to make such a small inductor as we may not get accurate. For example ferrite core makes a huge difference while making an inductor. Please follow the formula L = Al x n^2 where Al is a property of the core, and n is the number of turns.

    In some applications, an inductor is also called as Choke coil. Please refer the below link. It will definitely help you out in this regard.

    With Best Regards,


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