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    Connectivity problem with Tata Docomo connection in smartphones

    Do you want to know about the reliability of Tata Docomo? Read some of the problems faced by some of the users of Tata Docomo.

    I want to know about the internet connectivity of the Tata Docomo. Following are the problems faced by me.

    1. It connects and disconnects during the use of any application.
    2. Each time when I unlock my phone it shows that how much of data I have used which is very useless.
    3. When I use multiple applications which requires internet then it says that too many connections disconnect from any of the application.

    I don't know what is the problem but I have used Reliance and I did not faced such problem there.

    So if anyone who is having the solution then let me know.
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  • You can turn off the 'Background Data Connection' settings for each application. That will reduce the usage of your internet data connection. If your SIM card network is fluctuating then it is happening because of low service range of Tata docomo in your area. You can report this to Tata Docomo service person so they will give you proper feedback on this.

    You are not facing any such problem with Reliance SIM because the service network of Reliance may be very good in your area.

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