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    Variable Frequency drive and Function Generator

    What is Variable Frequency drive? What is Function generator? Are they same? Know the difference between a variable frequency drive and function generator.

    Hello Readers,
    I need to know the difference between Variable Frequency Drive also called VFD and Function Generator. Mainly what is the difference in output of these two device.

    Do they act same or different? If they act different then what is the difference?
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  • Variable frequency drive is a device which uses power electronics to vary the frequency of input power to the motor, by varying the frequency we can control the speed of the motor.

    Function generator: By using this device we can change nature of input like sine, square, and triangle, ramp etc. We can also vary the frequency of input power typically frequency ranges from 0.01 MHz to 10 MHz.

    Function generator can act as VFD by the changing the frequency to various values, but we can't change the nature of input power by using VFD. So, both can be used to vary the frequency of the power input.

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