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    Which is the best SUV in India coming up in 2014?

    Are you looking for new 2014 model SUVs in India? Read this thread to learn more about the upcoming Sports Utility Vehicles.

    Can anybody suggest the best SUVs coming up in India for 2014? I have seen numerous blog posts about the upcoming SUVs but are they all really going to be launched? Many of them give conflicting reports. Can anybody give the details about the new SUVs to be launched in India in the next 6 months?

    Also, I know many of them which look like SUVs are not real ones. They are just built on the platform of regular cars but have the appearance of SUV without any of the features of a Sports Utility Vehicle. Suggest me some real SUVs in Indian market.
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  • Most probably the best one could be from Toyota and Honda series, however we have seen recent ads on Ford Ecosport which could be upcoming one of the best SUV car. Maruti Stringray is one more the best SUV car to release yet. We also can expect few SUV series car from Mahindra, Chevrolet, Renault etc. in 2014.


  • There are so many upcoming cars of SUV segment in india on 2014. Companies like Audi, Ford and Chevrolet are fighting for represent them in the market. Audi Q7, Audi Q5 hybrid, Audi Q5 are Audi's new SUV series cars. Ford represents so many good cars like Ford Escape, Ford Flex, Ford Explorer etc. 2014 is the year of SUV series in India.

    Already delayed and much awaited,the new Ford Endeavour will bring in a completely new design from the ranger pick-up and also pack smaller,more frugal and more powerful engines.A 148-PS 2.2-litre four-pot is likely to arrive first with a more powerful 200-PS 3.2-litre straight five also in Ford spec sheets will still be quite large,sit on a ladder and have seven seats. Expected price:Rs. 25 lakh

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