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  • How to view the Google+ comments posted by the viewers in various posts of our blog?

    Have a lot of Google plus followers for your blog>? Do you want to get the Google plus comments on your post displayed on your blog? Check the responses from experts to know step by step process to get plus comments on your blog.

    Besides the comments moderate option in the settings of the, even Google+ has provided the option of posting comments in different posts of our blog through the Google+ profile. If you have to view the G+ comments posted by the viewers in our blog, how to view the same? As only 1 comment is visible and not the contents of the comment post through Google+. How to view these G+ comments that are posted in our blog. Please give me the step by step procedure for the same.
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  • I think last April Google 'Brought Google + plus comments' to blogger platform. Enabling Google plus comments i.e. viewing them directly on blogger is very simple.
    1. Firstly open your blogger dashboard and move to 'Google Plus' section under the Pages section.
    2. On clicking it you will see if your blog is linked to your Google plus profile.
    3. Just beside it there'll be two options with check boxes "Prompt to share after posting" and "Use Google+ Comments on this blog"
    4. To enable or use Google plus comments on blog, check the second box.
    5. But if you have a custom template for your blog you can use code in your template given by Google.

  • @ ravi
    The steps mentioned by you is of no help for me. I cannot view the G+ comments posted by the viewers on my blog.

    Thanks & Regards

  • If you follow those 5 steps, every visitor of your blog will find a Google Plus comment box under every post. This removes the traditional blogger comments widget from your blog. You can view the number of comments for every post beside it in blogger but, I think you cannot view them directly on blogger dashboard.
    If you are asking about the comments on posts that you shared to Google plus, I think you can't see them on blogger. Your comment count will increase only when posted directly under a blog post.

  • @ Ravi
    That's what I mean. I cannot directly view the G+ comments on my blog. I want to know how to view these comments.

    Thanks & Regards

  • What exactly do you mean by Google Plus comments? Are you talking about the comments that you see under your posts in your Google plus profile?
    You will be prompted or your posts will be directly shared to Google Plus as soon as you publish them and 'people' in your circles may comment on your posts in Plus itself. And such comments cannot be considered as comments by blogger moreover you cannot see those comments in your Blogger Dashboard. If a particular user clicks link in Google plus and comments on your post after reading it i.e. in comment box below your post, it gets added to the number of comments. You can see or set moderate for such comments in blogger.
    Comments within Google plus are bound to G+ itself because they are not direct comments on your posts.
    I hope you got that doubt clarified.

  • Got it. Thank you Ravi for clarifying my doubt with patience.

    Thanks & Regards

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