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  • How to activate my operating system (windows 7)

    Do you have trouble in your operating system Windows 7 and want to know how to activate it? Get the answers here.

    I am using windows 7 professional operating system. From few days it is showing a message to activate windows. I am seeing a black screen on my desktop. Though I changed the wallpaper after some time it is again showing the black screen. Please, any of the expert from this site help me how to activate windows.
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  • There are many options to activate the Windows 7 OS. You can simply buy the product key if there is an issue with the key, or you can just Google for it. You'll find some keys for the Windows 7 edition you're using.

    If your Windows is prompting to ask you the Activation Key then you can go for "Windows Genuine Maker for Windows 7". It is small program available on the official site of Microsoft. Or you can also download it from some third party site. Once you download the Windows Genuine Maker Exe file. You just have to Accept the Licence Agreement and Your Windows version will be Genuine automatically.

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  • First of al purchase genuine copy of Windows from Microsoft store or flipkart. This will give you a product key. Or if your computer already came with Windows 7 preinstalled then product key should be written on it.
    After that you can fill in the product key in Windows 7 and your computer will connect to internet and your Windows 7 will be activated.

  • Hello Anonymous,
    If you don't want to purchase key of Windows 7, just search for 'Windows 7 activator' for all versions on Google and just download and activate it. Open activator by clicking run as administrator your computer will restart and it's activated.

  • It seems you are using a pirated copy of windows 7 Operating system. Legally, you need to buy the key from microsoft. Illegally, you can google for windows 7 activator, and download and run the activator. Choice is yours.

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