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    How to remove WebCake threat from the computer?

    Does your PC has Webcake threat and want to know how to remove it permanently from your PC? Get the expert answers here.

    Recently my antivirus i.e. Microsoft Security Essentials has detected a threat called WebCake in Win32 folder. When I removed or Quarantined with the antivirus, it again appeared the next day. How to deal with this problem? Which is the best way to remove this threat? Does it mean Microsoft Security Essentials is not up to the mark in virus prevention? (Look at the attachment - Image)
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  • It's very easy to remove the webcake threat from computer. Go to Start Menu-control Panel-Add and remove program. You'll find the list of installed applications in our system. Then select webcake and Remove.

  • Webcake is a adware that diaplays popup boxes with ads especially when you are visiting shopping websites like amazon, ebay etc. Webcake program also install its extensions and addons in all the popular browsers. To remove it completely follow the steps below:

    1. First, uninstall Webcake program from control panel. Go to Control Panel>Programs, click on Webcake and uninstall it.

    2. Go to Internet Explorer. Click on Tools> Addons and uninstall Webcake from there.

    3. Go to Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools> Addons and uninstall Webcake from there.

    4. Uninstall Webcake extension from the Google Chrome.

  • To remove Webacake threat first uninstall software from 'add or remove programs.' Then delete extension from Internet Explorer and Firefox and from Google Chrome. Your threat will be deleted if this doesn't works then go for add-on remover and install it.

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