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    How Amazon associates stand compared to Google AdSense?

    Want to know the pros and cons of Amazon Associates? Get the answers for your question here.

    Recently I got mail regarding Amazon Associates and given an offer to participate in it for monetization purpose. I already have approved Google AdSense. Should I join this? What are the pros and cons of joining Amazon Associates compared to Google AdSense?
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  • In a simple explanation, Google Adsense is CPC (Cost Per Click) program whereas Amazon is Affiliate networking program. When valid visitor click on any Google ads on your webpage then you will be able to get reasonable cents/dollars from Google. Whereas in Amazon program, when valid visitor become member and turn into buyer from that particular 'advertisement' from your webpage, you will be able to get reasonable cent/dollars from Amazon.
    You can earn little extra from Google Adsense than Amazon affiliate networks.


  • Google Adsense is the most popular and one of the reputed Cost Per Click Program across the globe. Amazon Associates is just an alternate way to earn some bucks by referring traffic and sale for the most popular e-shopping portal Amazon. Indeed, Google Adsense offers you big earning in comparison to the Amazon and its associate or affiliate program.

    For country like India Amazon Associate is not the best option to earn money, but if your websites or blogs/portals have global readers then you could just generate some reasonable clicks for Amazon and you can get paid for that. Whatsoever, Google Adsense is something more then just sale but for Amazon and its program it is just sale which is counted.

    Like many others, you can join the Amazon and you can also generate some extra earnings from Amazon along with Google Adsense. BTW, Google Adsense is the best way to earn money from ads and websites. And it has some unique style to generate the money for Publishers which is not there in Amazon Programs.

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  • Google Adsense and Amazon Associates are completely different. Google Adsense is a advertising networks at pays it publishers on CPC (Cost per Click) basis whereas Amazon Associates is affiliate program of one of the largest e commerce site in the world Amazon. You will get paid in Amazon Associates only if a sale happens through your referral link at Amazon. If your blog or website has majority of Indian traffic then I would recommend you to use Google Adsense. However if you have global traffic then you can try Amazon Associates program. Hope it helps!

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  • Though both Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate intended to earn revenue they are completely different. One simple difference is, Adsense earnings depend on the number of visitors for your site and the Amazon affiliate earnings depend on the number of visitors that buy products from Amazon via ads on your web pages. So, it's a bit difficult process to earn regular income from amazon. Also, you'll get lesser affiliate income as compared to Adsense. Though difficult to get Adsense approved it's better to depend in Google for generating a good figure monthly. I sincerely advise you give second preference to Affiliate marketing.

  • Amazon associate program and Google Adsense program has the main operative difference that Google Adsense revenue is PPC (Paid Per Click) advertising based, where as Amazon associate is a affiliate marketing program.

    You can choose between the two depending on 3 major factors:
    1. Visitor Demographics
      If your website has a visitor traffic from various countries through world wide, then Google Adsense can surely prove beneficial to you. On the other hand, if you have concentrated traffic from US, UK, India or any other country where amazon delivery services are available then you can try and taste the Amazon associate affiliate marketing program.

    2. Website Niche
      Website niche will also play a vital role in deciding which service to employ in your website. If your blog/website is related to a niche which is one of the best selling category on Amazon, such as Smartphones, Books, Music, electronics gadgets, etc. then you can opt for Amazon associate program. But, if your blog/website is related to services such as Job notifications, educational forums, scholarships etc. where no head selling is possible, then you better stay with Google Adsense alone.

    3. Expected Conversion ratio
      Expected conversion ratio of visitors turned buyers is also an important factor in selecting or staying away from Amazon. If your website is up to date with latest updates about the relevant products then you can expect a good conversion ratio and handsome affiliate income from Amazon. One should remember the fact that, income from Amazon will occur only when someone actually buys the product from the affiliate link. Where as in Google adsense, only the interest driven traffic can fetch you good income, as some net surfers will just visit relevant advertisement for only information.

    In my personal opinion, actually selling the products is far more difficult than providing reviews on a product. Hence, Google Adsense seems a safe choice over Amazon Associates affiliate program.

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