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    Is processor clock speed is important for a laptop?

    Are you planning to buy a laptop? Learn the importance of clock speed for laptop CPUs.

    I need to is clock speed important for a laptop. I have seen clock speed in laptop specifications with values ranging from 1.2 to 3.4 Ghz. Does the processor speed depends on this clock value? What is the function of this clock speed? How much clock speed is needed for software development kit like Eclipse?
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  • Clock Speed of a processor roughly means how many instructions it can accomplish in a given time. More clock speed means faster processor. But clock speed alone doesn't signify the performance of the processor. The number of cores in a processor must also be considered. A computer with 2 cores can handle multiple tasks more efficiently than a processor with single core even if it has high clock speed.

    For using Eclipse, there is no minimum Clock speed which your processor must have. Theoretically, you can buy processor with any clock speed. But for good performance you can buy Intel i3 or Intel i7 which come at around 3Ghz clock speed.

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