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    How to remove Produced by an AUTODESK educational product in student version of AutoCAD 2014?

    Are you using AutoCAD and want to remove the label Produced by an AUTODESK educational product? Follow the instructions.

    I have installed AutoCAD 2014 and all files of it shows following text on each margin of page i.e. Produced by an AUTODESK educational product. I do not want this text to be displayed in print of every file saved from AutoCAD 2014. Please let me know procedure to remove this text.
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  • The name stamp will be there if it is an educational or student version of AutoCAD 2014 and it will be there in case if you are not its owner. It is illegal to remove it or a violation of the EULA. You have to buy licensed copy of AutoCAD 2014 in case if you would like to use AutoCAD for business or profit. If you have owned it and unable to change it then you can try to save the file and use in different extension files to save and remove it/stamp - it may or may not work out, it is depend on license of your version.


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