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    What is a Niche site? How to build a Niche site?

    Are you looking for details about Niche sites, meaning of Niche etc. from the experts of Techulator.

    Ive seen many threads about niche site in many forums. People are having many niche sites, I dont exactly know what is the meaning of Niche site? Why do many big webmaster talk about niche sites? Can you please guide me how to build a niche site? What are the benefits of building niche sites?
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  • Hello member,

    Yes as a blogger and a compassionate writer, you should imbibe yourself with the word 'Niche site'. Okay lets talk about some basics and benefits of building a website/blog.

    Tactics to build up a Niche site

    A Niche website is nothing but a website that focus on a particular category of resources or articles. It means concentrating on a specific range of topics based on your interest. Following points will help you:

    1. If you are looking to set up your own website/blog, focus on the areas you can deliver at your best with resource writing. Take up a particular niche, say a technology blog that depicts topics on smartphones, reviews and hands on experience or an entertainment blog that gives an interesting outlook on bollywood. This can be anything from an artistic related website or a financial one, but should be according to your interest you persue to take up with.

    2. Concentrate on niches that are unique and have very little resources till date on search engines. You may go through few tech forums to know more about them and decide based on your experience for a long term run. Don't take up the subject of your blog without deciding the future course of interest depending on your performance. Calibrate your interest and see if you can tackle them with ease.

    3. If you have decided your niche, then put up those sub categories you can imagine, the particular niche holds to have it. Research more on them and group them together so that readers may find the website useful for their personal interest.

    Benefits of a Niche website

    1. Niche website targets a particular set of people, so you will be able to gain full interest of your readers. It will help you gain more subscriptions and attract large visitors based on your write ups.

    2. Popular websites on particular unique niche gains highest attention from search engine. Keep up your write ups & search engine will do the rest.

    3. Highest Adsense CTR observed on unique niche websites.

    4. Long run performance means high interest of the blogger in updating his blog more with information.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sashwato Chatterjee

    Thanks and Regards,

  • This is a good question, what is a Niche site? In short, it is nothing but selected 'topic' specialized site. For example Techulator, it is technical niche site. You will find almost all technical related info in this site in the form of articles, question and answers, product launch details and so on. Technical means here not about any high-end tech like aviation or satellite etc. but other technical gadgets viz Smartphone, Laptop, Software and Hardware, Home appliances and so on.

    How to build a Niche site?
    To build niche site you need to be expert on particular area or you need to hire content writer to post article on particular topic for your selected site. To build a site on any niche/topic, you need to buy related domain name, web hosting and other applicable charges for author or content writer and so on. Keep on updating the niche article and question and answer will help to attract the visitors for a successful niche/topic site.


  • First of all let us get the meaning of "Niche" clear.

    Meaning of Niche Website:

    Niche website simply means a website meant for a specific purpose and for a specific target audiance. Niche websites are centered ad focused on a specific topic, and provide in-depth and up-to-date knowledge about the subject domain.

    Examples of niche websites:
    • : Jobs and recruitment portal

    • : Finance and stock market news website

    • : Educational website for kids

    • : Recipes and food preparation tips

    • : Medical help and health tips

    In the above mentioned examples you can see that each of the website deals with a specific genre of information and do not juggle around with out of scope topics. Such specific purpose websites are referred to as "Niche" websites.

    Advantages of Niche Website in terms of SEO/SMO:

    • Niche websites have high density of relevant keywords meaningfully included in the wide pool of articles/posts. Hence, the chances of first page appearance in searches are fairly more.

    • As the blog/website is focused on the specific topic, you can select more relevant and keyword rich domain name; which is sure a plus point for search engine algorithms.

    • The social plugins can be used to gather up relevant fan following through social bookmarking and reference sharing with people having similar interests.

    • Apart from higher Adsesnse, kontera or infolinks revenue; niche websites/blogs also stand a chance of getting direct web space advertising proposals for banners of advertisers. For example, if "Safola cholestral control Oil" wants to display banner ad then they will approch to a health or food blog, rather than a job portal.

    Namita Terse

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