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    Can we use both Google Adsense and Flipkart Affiliate program in a blog?

    Know the details about the compatibility of Google Adsense code and other Affiliate Program codes like Flipkart Affiliate Program in your blog and answers to other related queries from the Techulator experts.

    I have a blog registered at blogger platform and I want to add the Flipkart Affiliate code along with the Google Adsense gadget.
    Is it allowed or Google would object the code of Flipkart Affiliate program in the blog.
    I want to apply for both on my blog so please tell me if it is possible.
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  • As per my information it is possible for you to use both Google adsense as well as flipkart affiliate links in your blog and or website. However I would advice you to get it confirmed. Hope that helps

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  • Yes, you can use Google AdSense ads and Flipkart Affiliate program ads in your blog and it has no issue. You can use reasonable ads of Flipkart and not many, Adsense ads 3 max of image/context ads and 3 link units and not more than that.


  • Why not? It is not against Google's policies to promote another website on your blog. Also, your Adsense revenue will not be effected by employing Flipkart ads in your blog. But, what I advise you is, reserve all the 728x90, 300x250 and sky scrapers to Google and use 250x250 for Affiliate networks.

  • Affiliate programs usually do not conflict with Google AdSense. But depending on how to use it, there are certain cases where you can get into trouble with AdSense.

    One of the policy requirements of Google AdSense is, you cannot use other ads in a manner that it could be identified as Google Ads. So, if you are using affiliate programs, make sure you don't use banners and text ads that look exactly same as Google ads.

    It may be hard to determine how you can make sure your affiliate ads are different from Google ads since dynamic ads could appear differently at different times. One of the safest ways to make sure your affiliate ads look different from Google ads is, use different size for your affiliate ads to make sure they will never look identical to Google Ads.

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  • Yes, you can use both Google adsense as well as flipkart affiliate links on your blog because it is not against Google's policies to promote another website on your blog. earning through affiliate programs usually depends on how to use it. But you should keep some cautions in your mind. Your ads should not look exactly same as the ads of Google looks. For it you should use different size for your affiliate ads.

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