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    Android vs iOS - classic debate

    Get the full details about the ongoing Smartphone OS war between the Android and the iOS, best OS among Android and iOS, etc. from the experts of Techulator.

    Apples iOS has been the best mobile operating system for mobile phones until the evolution of Googles Android. iOS was launched in 2007 by Apple in the Apples iphone and it revolutionized the mobile market due to ease of use and a large growing number of apps. It dominated the mobile market till the advent of Googles Android in 2008. Android is open source and its app market is continuously growing. On the other hans iOS is slightly better when it comes to performance. Which is the better os between these two has always been an issue of debate. Kindly, give your reviews on these two platforms and vote which is better with reasons.
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  • There is always a debate between Apple iOS vs Android. Most of the people prefer Android because it is open source in nature and flexibility. But on the other hand some people like iOS mostly because of unique features, design, brand name etc.

    To know it in a better way, Techulator started a debate on iOS vs Android few days back. You may go through the debate thread Group Discussion competition 2: iOS vs Android.

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