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    Which is best to create a website on quiz - Blogger or Wordpress?

    Do you know which is the best blogging platform to create a quiz based site? Learn from the experts of Techulator.

    I want to create a website which is all about Quiz Contest for different exams. But I dont know how to create it? Which blogging platform will be best- Blogger or Wordpress? Is it possible to create a quiz site on Will this type of website is suitable for Google Adsense?
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  • 1. There is no definite answer whether to create quiz in Blogger or WordPress. Both the sites are equally good for creating Quiz websites.

    2. Yes, this type of website would be suitable for AdSense by putting related content. But keep in mind that these days AdSense approval is very tough with a blogspot address or WordPress address and you must have a Top level domain for your website.

    3. For creating a quiz website, you can go to link given below. This site allows to create a quiz for you website or blog in 3 steps and is simple to use.

  • Both the platforms i.e Blogger and Wordpress are equally good for starting your own quiz website. Choose the once based on your convenience and suitability. Regarding your query about Google Adsense, though it is possible to monetize such websites using Google Adsense,getting into Google Adsense program is very difficult unless you have highly optimized website with quality and original content and high traffic. Make sure you follow all their guidelines and terms. All the best for starting your quiz website.

  • According to me both the blogging platforms are the best and has advantages to develop a quiz blog equally. As Google adsense policy towards approving the adsense account became very tough. Only sites with high quality content and with huge traffic are getting approved by the google adsense team. So inorder to get approve your site or blog by adsense your quiz question should be very unique and shouldnot copy the questions from other sites.

    And yes it is possible to create your own quiz website or blog.

    Thanks & Regards

  • I feel both the blogger and word-press are having equal position for creating webpage. It is depends on users convenience. There were certain things to be followed while creating webpage.
    • Speedy pages are most important thing. Pages should run faster as per the users convenient.
    • The details of the page should be short with full detailed information. That should not irritate user's vision on the page.
    • Should be concentrate on navigation. Navigation is bit difficult thing while loading in slow net speed. Certain time period links are not available to be clicked.
    • If you add any image in the page, try to keep small images with minimum pixel. So that, image won't take much time to load in a page.
    • Background colour of the page should be placed in well set. The colour indicates the quality of the page in a search engine.
    • Try to place unique contents in the page.
    • Need to concentrate on spelling and grammar part. If any spelling or grammar mistake found in a page, the webpage won't be look nice to view by the visitors
    • Need to look on current links in the page. Often need to check whether the link given in the page is working properly or not.

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