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    Is the Video calling using wechat application safe?

    Do you want to know whether the video calling using wechat application is safe or not? Learn the details about video calling and wechat application from the experts of Techulator.

    I use wechat for video calling. My query is whether wechat stores the video call data on its server or its real time??
    How do a video calling software work? Are the packets delivered in real time or are stored on the server??
    I would very much appreciate your help.
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  • Every video calling and wechat messages / data are stored for a particular duration and it has no any issue unless you use it in a right way. They are safe of course and they won't share with anyone and they are confidential, only thing is you need to obey WeChat terms and condition.


  • Yes, it is absolutely safe to video call using the Wechat application. But make sure you are not sharing objectionable content during video call. And if you want to interchange confidential information, kindly go through their Terms of Service thoroughly. They must have clearly specified how they can use your data.

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